East Bay Solidarity Network is Not Currently Organizing



Unfortunately, at this time, the East Bay Solidarity Network is not organizing. Please free to browse around the website for helpful resources in challenging evictions, awful housing conditions or issues at the workplace.

You can also find contact information for other organizations in the East Bay that address workplace and housing concerns through social services, advocacy, legal support and organizing.

All of us look forward to further work organizing with fellow renters and workers towards better living conditions and a world that actually serves us.

Until then, strength and solidarity in all of your struggles,

East Bay Solidarity Network


Fighting Forced Evictions

Keep an eye out for the launch of a new tenant-led campaign in the weeks to come. East Bay Solidarity Network has connected with long-time tenants of a West Oakland home ready to stand up to the callous bully-tactics of a local Coldwell Banker broker.

After months of harassment, including fake eviction notices and physical threats, brokers from Coldwell Banker took their intimidation game one step further by breaking into the tenants’ home, rummaging through personal possessions, stealing many of them and leaving the rest in absolute disarray.

The tenants are interested in pursuing both legal and direct actions means to protect their home. So while we are working to file a temporary restraining order to keep these sharks away from their home, we will also work with them to develop a campaign to bring these bullies into the spotlight and confront them with the injustice of their actions. That’s where we will need your support.

Stay tuned in to our website, facebook and twitter accounts for upcoming announcements about this campaign.

Picket with restaurant workers this Saturday, February 22nd!

The East Bay Solidarity Network is asking folks to join the workers at theMLK Labor
Oaks Corner restaurant in Emeryville (4099 San Pablo Ave.) this Saturday at 4:30pm as they demand affordable health insurance and a fair union contract. Workers there have been without a contract for several years now, and people are fed up. We’d love to see you out there with us to show these workers some love!
Here is a Facebook page, please RSVP and invite your friends!

We are mobilizing folks to this action as part of a new project of the East Bay Solidarity aimed at worker organizing and labor solidarity. We are reaching out to workers who have been screwed over by their employer and want to take direct action in their workplace; providing capacity and solidarity for ongoing labor struggles; holding study groups and social events for workers, and more. If you’re interested in organizing with this project, or if you have a problem with your boss, please hit us up!

Study and Resist

Urban Renewal

Action-Oriented Anti-Gentrification Study Group
Join us Wednesday, February 4th, as we kick off a project to challenge police violence and gentrification in Oakland.
We will come together weekly to study gentrification from various angles, while also developing a grassroots campaign to discourage white and transplant populations from bringing cops into Oakland neighborhoods.
*Come to the Omni (4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland) on Wednesday, February 4th from 7 to 9:30pm to hear more.*

The project emerges out of folks in East Bay Solidarity Network seeking to answer the question of how to stand in solidarity with people of color and fight for our own liberation. It’s clear to many of us that #BlackLivesMatter is about more than police brutality, but rather about calling into question the structures of power that maintain neo-colonialism and white supremacy. Gentrification is a key piece of these structures, a piece that plays a huge role in Oakland. Newly gentrifying neighborhoods are seeing increased policing, as well as new private security forces. So what does solidarity look like in this political climate? Well, here is our attempt to answer that question. We are calling our friends and community to help us outreach to primarily white and transplant communities to start conversations about police violence and inform them of alternatives to calling the cops.

Our main goal is to find ways to effectively discourage other class and race privileged folks from bringing police into Oakland neighborhoods. This could happen through door knocking, workshops, flyering, online resources, or whatever other means we can develop. It will also require us to learn about the alternatives to calling police and make those options more widely known as well. You certainly do not have to have a lot of organizing experience to be a part of this project! A primary part of it will be reading together and furthering our understanding of the forces fueling gentrification and it’s consequences. Plus, we will really support everyone when it comes time for the hands-on outreach work. We are asking 4 hours a week from participants, 2 of which will be grass roots outreach, and 2 of which will be readings and meeting time. Please contact us (eastbaysol (at) gmail (dot) com) with any questions and feel free to pass this on.

#GentrificationIsViolence Action This Friday

“We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive”

                             -Martin Luther King Jr.
                                        #Reclaim MLK
    Join us on Friday, January 16th at 11:30am to shut down institutions that profit off black homes and desecrate black neighborhoods.
    Responding to the call out of Ferguson for national action over MLK weekend, the Anti-Police Terror Project is coordinating actions and demonstrations throughout the Bay Area, Ohlone Territory, this weekend in an effort to #Reclaim MLK and Shut Down business as usual. 
   This action seeks to connect the dots between state violence and economic violence. We will target the industry that has worked to reshape Oakland, colluding with the sheriffs to dispossess nearly half of Oakland’s Black population in the last two decades. #GentrificationIsViolence
Meet at 11:30am on Friday at the “Lake Chalet” – The Lake Merritt Boathouse at 1520 Lakeside Drive. We’ll be done by 1pm.
Please bring noisemakers, sign-making materials and your voice! Also, please invite trusted friends and comrades.


Farmers Market Workers Support #ReclaimMLK Weekend

Grand Lake Farmers Market Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter this Saturday

This coming weekend will see a plethora of actions around the Bay, as part of a coordinated effort to Reclaim King’s Legacy, being led by the Anti Police-Terror Project. To contribute our little piece to this effort, workers at several farmers market stands at the Saturday Grand Lake market will be displaying signs of support, as well as collecting donations which will go to the movement.

Lots of radical folks either work at or frequent this farmers market, which makes it a convenient location to demonstrate solidarity. In fact, two weekends ago, a march led by preschool students paraded through the market singing songs.

Please come visit us this Saturday. Look for stalls with the #BlackLivesMatter signs, and if you can drop off a few bucks for the cause (most likely will go to the bail fund for protesters) that’d be super!

Don’t forget to check out these actions and more during the weekend!
Friday: No Business as Usual on BART. https://www.facebook.com/events/684891331631587/

Monday, MLK Day: a Jobs and Economy March for the People: https://www.facebook.com/events/696231220495340/

Worker Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter Growing in the Bay


In recent weeks, Bay Area service workers in a variety of enterprises have stepped up their solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement with a series of creative actions. In December, workers at Arbor Café in North Oakland (which was heavily vandalized during the second night of Ferguson solidarity protests) pledged to donate all of their tips over the busy weekend to the Anti-Repression Crew bail fund.  In the end, the workers were able to raise nearly $600. Inspired by this example, Pedicab Operators in downtown San Francisco got together on New Years Eve and pledged one hours worth of fares to the same fund. Roughly 20 operators expressed support with the effort, and were able to gather several hundred dollars as well. That same night, some employees with an SF catering company were able to collect $75 worth of tips to give to the movement. Now, several workers at the Saturday Grand Lake Farmers Market have announced a solidarity action in conjunction with the weekend of actions leading up to Martin Luther King Day. Many market vendors will display “Black Lives Matter” signs during the busy market (which runs from 9am-2pm) as well as collect donations for the bail fund.

This emerging tactic of centering our experience as workers as we struggle in solidarity with the communities on the frontlines of the fight against police terror shows promise. Too often, movements of the community are pitted against movements of workers, and vice versa. But when we act together, we show the world that our interests (and our enemies) are the same. We hope that this tactic of worker solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement continues to develop and spread.