Making Good On Our Promises

Monday EBSol flyering squad (Sunday team not pictured)

In our demand letter that we delivered to Alpha Omicron Pi sorority two weeks ago, we promised to return in 14 days if our reasonable demands were not met. True to our word, yesterday and today we continued our campaign to win former “house boy” employee and tenant William fair compensation for his shady firing and the outrageous eviction that left him homeless.

For our second action, both yesterday and today, we flyered and door-knocked the surrounding blocks to inform the whole neighborhood of the egregious injustice. We don’t know what was more encouraging: the enthusiasm from neighborhood co-op members (some even offered their contact info and asked to be notified of future actions), or the surprise and horror of the sorority managers when they realized what our posters were airing.

Less than 24 hours after our Sunday flyering session, taped shreds of paper — remnants of our flyers — testified to the sorority managers’ embarrassment.  Before we had even left the block, they were already tearing down our work from the street signs and telephone poles.  But today we were back for another round!  They won’t get rid of us easily.

The bosses are already on the defensive, and this fight is just getting started. If you want to join us as we ramp things up with escalating actions, email or call us to make sure you’re on our contact list!


2 thoughts on “Making Good On Our Promises

  1. Rachel Carson says:

    Great action! I’m excited to hear how it all turns out.

    But one *slight* criticism: there’s an old Berkeley tradition (which should exist everywhere) to NEVER use trees as billboards. Please don’t post fliers (or anything else) on them. Many of us find that offensive. Thanks.

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