La Lucha Sigue at AOPi

We’re still at it with the AOPunks.  Since October we have been maintaining biweekly pickets and increasingly receiving attention from AOPi’s side.  Last week, a couple of Abercrombied young men walked up to us with signs.  Counter-protest!

Bro Counterprotest

Don’t picket me bro!

Unfortunately for them they had no idea what our struggle was actually about.  They had come because apparently we have been stressing out the AOPi sisters.  We informed them that by counter-protesting they were, in reality, supporting illegal evictions and injustice to workers.  Still, turning all sense on its head, same as AOPi’s corporate board, they proceeded to mount a seriously outclassed protest.

And to that we can only say thank you for: 1) confirming our success in impacting the sisters, who thus far, have not pressured their Board to do the right thing; and 2) making our last picket a little more interesting and loud—not that we need the help because we do those things pretty well on our own.

To make things even more interesting, soon after their arrival, the eggs also arrived.  We must, however, be graced by the gods of worker’s justice (thank you, Mama Jones) because the aim was horrible.  Damage to EBSol: one crusty ankle.  Damage to hapless boyfriends: direct hit!

But just in case you start thinking that all we do on our picket lines is have crazy fun solidarity (’cause we do), we have been trying out a new technique to involve more folks and turn up the heat.

Recently we introduced a roll call “do you acknowledge…?”  We all take turns reading off questions like: “do you acknowledge that you have made William homeless?”;  “do you acknowledge that you have damaged our community?”;  and so on.

This has been a great way for us to involve more supporters, especially new ones, in a meaningful way in our actions.  Everybody likes to have a voice, and East Bay Sol brings it!

Now get ready for our actions to heat up… and wake up.  Finals week is coming up so you know what we gotta do.  Wake-up pickets, Hotel Frank-style!  So if you’re down to fight for justice at 6 AM, hit us up!

We’re also preparing to take it directly to board members’ homes again.  Think up what Christmas present you’d like to give these Auntie Scrooges this year, then come along with the East Bay Solidarity Holiday Chorus and spread some holiday cheer.  Stay tuned!


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