5th Quarter Marketing gets bombed on Yelp.

Last week a session was organized to write negative Yelp reviews for a member of Alpha Omicron Pi’s corporation board. This was in response to the AOPi board’s decision to unscrupulously fire and evict a worker, William, without warning or severance.

A demand letter was delivered against the Vice President of the board, Margaret Chaffee, reiterating William’s demand of $1,000 severance pay and promising future action if a response was not received within 5 days.

Instead of doing what’s right Margaret tried to ignore the letter. True to our word, we took action. Margaret owns a social media PR firm called “5th Quarter Marketing” so her online reputation is very important to her business. The review session was very successful and about a dozen reviews were written. Unfortunately some of the reviews keep getting hidden…

If you would like to help Vice President Margaret’s potential clients become aware of the exploitative and vindictive labor practices of her board you can so here:

For your inspiration, below are a couple quotes from some of the reviews:

“Want positive media buzz? Look elsewhere. Any good and capable PR practitioner knows that reputations are like currency, and Chaffee has dropped the ball on hers.
If Chaffee is not able to keep her own slate clean, how can she be expected to generate a positive online presence for you or your company?”

“The sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, fired and evicted a live-in worker with only 3 days notice, effectively putting him out onto the streets. Ms. Chafee was asked to compensate the employee for this treatment but so far nothing has happened. If you value the morality of your business partners, stay away from 5th Quarter Marketing.”

“Attractive marketing works best when it stems from a solid foundation of human values; unfortunately, these appear to be sorely lacking in the director of this firm, who refuses to compensate an employee that her organization made homeless.”

“How embarrassing.
If ‘Messy Margaret’ can’t clean up her own image, I’m not about to trust her with mine.”


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