Phone Bomb on Thursday

As many of you know, we phone-bombed a couple of GMAC executives to try to stop them from putting the Cisse’s house up for auction this Friday. After making some waves (clogging up phone lines, leaving hella messages), we got the attention of Sharon Robinson, GMAC’s Director of Executive Offices, who ended up speaking directly to Siaka Cisse about his family’s situation. Our persistant calls put the pressure on Robinson to review the Cisse’s file, and EBSOL should be hearing back from GMAC no later than close of business TOMORROW to see if they will postpone the auction that’s set for this Friday, March 2nd.

This is a crucial moment in Siaka’s fight right now, and we need your support. In order to keep the pressure on GMAC, we will have another phone-bomb this Thursday, March 1st from 8am-10am at 1472 13th St. Oakland, CA. We need as many people as possible to come out and make phone calls with us, because, as we saw today, we can break down communication walls with coordinated community effort!

In the event that we are forced to escalate, we will be having another fabulous auction disruption this Friday, March 2nd down at the courthouse. Pre-game meet-up will be at 11:30am on the grass at 14th and Lakeside, Oakland, CA. Bring your bells, whistles, accordions, flutes, trumpets, and any other noise/music maker you can think of! This action partially depends on how we act in the next 48 hours, so please stay tuned for updates, and please respond to this email and let us know if you can make it down on Thursday morning.

And before we forget… sign up to receive Twitter updates from East Bay Solidarity Network by texting “follow Eastbaysol” to 40404.


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