Farmers Market Workers Support #ReclaimMLK Weekend

Grand Lake Farmers Market Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter this Saturday

This coming weekend will see a plethora of actions around the Bay, as part of a coordinated effort to Reclaim King’s Legacy, being led by the Anti Police-Terror Project. To contribute our little piece to this effort, workers at several farmers market stands at the Saturday Grand Lake market will be displaying signs of support, as well as collecting donations which will go to the movement.

Lots of radical folks either work at or frequent this farmers market, which makes it a convenient location to demonstrate solidarity. In fact, two weekends ago, a march led by preschool students paraded through the market singing songs.

Please come visit us this Saturday. Look for stalls with the #BlackLivesMatter signs, and if you can drop off a few bucks for the cause (most likely will go to the bail fund for protesters) that’d be super!

Don’t forget to check out these actions and more during the weekend!
Friday: No Business as Usual on BART.

Monday, MLK Day: a Jobs and Economy March for the People:


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