#GentrificationIsViolence Action This Friday

“We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive”

                             -Martin Luther King Jr.
                                        #Reclaim MLK
    Join us on Friday, January 16th at 11:30am to shut down institutions that profit off black homes and desecrate black neighborhoods.
    Responding to the call out of Ferguson for national action over MLK weekend, the Anti-Police Terror Project is coordinating actions and demonstrations throughout the Bay Area, Ohlone Territory, this weekend in an effort to #Reclaim MLK and Shut Down business as usual. 
   This action seeks to connect the dots between state violence and economic violence. We will target the industry that has worked to reshape Oakland, colluding with the sheriffs to dispossess nearly half of Oakland’s Black population in the last two decades. #GentrificationIsViolence
Meet at 11:30am on Friday at the “Lake Chalet” – The Lake Merritt Boathouse at 1520 Lakeside Drive. We’ll be done by 1pm.
Please bring noisemakers, sign-making materials and your voice! Also, please invite trusted friends and comrades.



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