Who We Are

What We Do:

The East Bay Solidarity Network is an organizing collective based in Oakland. We support working-class and poor people in directly confronting exploitation, violence, and injustice. We organize strategic direct action campaigns against landlords, employers, and the state, as well as form alliances with communities and organizations who are most affected by capitalism and systems of domination. We want to resist all manifestations of oppression that occur in our world, in our organizations, and in ourselves. This means actively fighting white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and colonialism. We also seek to mobilize the resources of privileged communities to lend capacity and tangible support to those who are struggling for their own liberation.

Why We Do It:

We believe in life free from the anxiety, precarity, and violence caused by capitalism. The structures of white supremacy, colonialism and patriarchy lie at the center of that reality. We believe that only through the expansion and complete expression of popular power can we have full determination over our land, our labor and our own bodies.

How We Do It:

We have three working groups; housing, labor, and anti-policing. Each uses a multiplicity of tactics including door knocking, study groups, community forums, and direct action in our fights against landlords, bosses, and the police. For updates on the campaigns and actions that each working group is doing, please click on the tab labeled “Our Projects”.

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