Labor Wing

Clocked Out!

We are a group of workers who defend one another through collective action. If you are having a problem with your boss, such as unpaid wages, harassment, unstable schedule, stolen tips, etc.  please give us a call!
Clocked Out is a project of the East Bay Solidarity Network. We organize with workers and take action to improve working conditions, reclaim unpaid wages, and make bosses pay!

We also aim to bring together a network of workers in Oakland to lend solidarity and capacity for working-class struggles. We want to foster a culture of resistance among workers, particularly in the service sector and other precarious industries. We hold regular social events for workers to get to know each other, share their experiences, and build solidarity with one another in a fun setting; we show up to union picket lines and strike actions; we hold study groups to deepen our analysis of working conditions, strengthen our own class-consciousness, and formulate more effective organizing strategies; and we conduct direct outreach around Oakland to find workers who want to organize against their bosses.

Through increased resistance and direct action among workers, and all poor and working-class people, we aspire to popular power in our workplaces and our communities. Please get in touch with us if you would like to participate in this project or if you need support in organizing in your workplace.


**If you would like to know what we’re reading but can’t come to a study group, all of our readings can be found on the Readings and Research page of this website**