Other Groups


Project No One Leaves
Empowering tenants and former homeowners to avoid displacement post-foreclosure.

Take Back The Land
The Take Back the Land- Movement is a national network of organizations dedicated to elevating housing to the level of a human right and securing community control over land. The Movement must be led by impacted communities and is firmly rooted in ‘Positive Action’ campaigns, including those which break the immoral laws which allow banks to gain billions in profit while human beings are made homeless.

The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign
The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign will Enforce our Human Rights To Housing and continue fighting to stop all economically-motivated evictions in Chicago. We are no longer willing to wait for any authority to institute our human right to housing. We the People are Enforcing Our Human Rights!

Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group
A local group defending homeowners against foreclosure created in the midst of Occupy Oakland. Check their blog for updates on local home defense information and actions.

Occupy Bernal
A San Francisco neighborhood organization that uses direct action tactics to keep neighbors in their foreclosed homes.

How We Fight
First-hand accounts of organizing in the Seattle Solidarity Network.